Our Achievements






Women benefited from social services beneficiaries Women escaped poverty Women become micro-entrepreneurs Women hold leadership position in Party agencies, local governments and the Vietnam Women Union Women have been awarded the Citi Micro Entrepreneur Vietnam

As a proof of TYM positive impacts of women’s lives and society, the MFI has been honored with many distinguished award and certificates including


  • 2018: CMA Award 2018 Outstanding MFI – Efficient and sustainable Operation
  • 2017: CMA Award for outstanding microfinance institution implementing the principles of client protection
  • 2016: CMA Award Outstanding MFI of the Year
  • 2014: CMA Award for Excellence in Microfinance for the Poor
  • 2012: 1st Class Labor Medal
  • 2011: The Prime Minister awarded TYM the certificate of merit for having made many achievements between 2008-2010: contributing to the cause of socialist development and national defense
  • 2007–2013: for 7 consecutive years, the Citi Foundation, the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (MFWG) and the State Bank of Vietnam dozen
  • 2010: Vietnam Women’s Union awarded TYM the Certificate of Merit for its active contribution in mobilizing and building the “Love Shelter”
  • 2007: 2nd Class Labor Medal
  • 2007: Vietnam Women’s Prize
  • 2002: 3rd Class Labor Medal
  • 1999: Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister


  • 2017: CEOs and senior executives from Asia Pacific Finance Summit Financial Institutions
  • 2012: Princess of Belgium – Princess Mathilde
  • 2007: South African President’s wife
  • 2006: United States Secretary-General  – Kofi Annan
  • 2000: First Lady of the United States – Hillary Clinton


We consider it a great accomplishment that many of our Members have become community leaders. Thousands of women have gone on to be elected to important positions in the Central Party Committees, local government roles and local Women’s Union. Between 2011 & 2015, 313 members were elected and participated in People’s Councils at all levels and 1,614 participated in the Women’s Executive Committee of all levels.


No. of TYM members who

    Hamlet/  Village



  District/ Town/

Provincial city

       Province      Total
Participated in people’s councils at all levels 264 31 1 313
In women’s executive boards at all levels 1.010 537 62 5 1.614